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Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you again for showing your interest and support when it comes to Silverspoon Learning Center launching our first major fundraiser Building Our Future. Below you will learn who we are, our mission for our project, expectations and more. If you need additional information, we will be glad to answer any questions.


Who We Are

Silverspoon Learning Center, a nonprofit organization, is an accredited Georgia Quality Rated childcare provider located in, Warner Robins, GA. Founded by Chandra Nelson; families can have a fortified peace of mind knowing that, our child care program is committed to excellence in providing their children with a learning environment and experience that, is uniquely designed for their growth and development. Silverspoon Learning Center was birthed out of a passion for providing children the gift of knowledge in a selfless and unconditional manner. We have been operational since 2019 and have served more than 200 amazing families.  

Positive Challenges & Opportunities to Lend a Hand

We have an exciting year planned and we are asking for donations to help fund our expansion endeavors. We seek necessary funding to carry out our new mission “Building Our Future.” Building Our Future is an initiative allows us to develop more robust early learning curriculums, through construction acquisition and expansion to serve our youth. Over the last year, our student enrollment has outpaced the amount of learning space we have available. The amount of space one room is allowed to hold is 32 students. With all three rooms currently occupied with at least 22 students, we unfortunately, are unable to accommodate the after-school students year-round. In the state of Georgia, there’s an extreme need for quality afterschool programs. According to “Afterschool Alliance”, for every 2 children in an afterschool program, there are 2 children waiting to be enrolled. With education playing a major role in our center, we are unable to contribute to our continuous education curriculum.

Through Building Our Future we will also be needing other items such as tables, chairs, computers to assist with our summer and after school objective. With your help, we will be able to continue to inspire and motivate our future leaders with a comfortable facility. Our goal is to acquire sufficient financial contributions from donors and sponsors to strengthen the capabilities and to ensure the future success of our childcare program. Given that we are a non-profit organization, your donation is tax-deductible and serves as an excellent way to give back to your community.


Silverspoon Learning Center fills a substantial gap in the childcare industry. With our emphasis on education, we will continue to gain and maintain the trust of those in the community. An updated space designed to serve our youth will enhance the over quality of our student education, while allowing us to serve more of the community. We graciously accept any assistance you can offer no matter how big or how small. It is our belief that we cannot do this alone, but together, we have the potential to do great things and impact the lives of our children and help them build a successful solid future.



Silverspoon Learning Center Team



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