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The Silverspoon Learning Center approach to learning is designed to engage and cultivate the minds of children. We embrace the belief that quality education should not be sacrificed on the premises of a child’s background, and that when a child is given quality knowledge and education, their ability to have a monumental impact on the world is endless. 

To ensure our impact is endless, we have designed a curriculum based on the five senses. Children learn everything through the five senses, so it is very essential for children to learn how they comprehend information, and how to further develop those skills, through this method.

 Silverspoon Learning Center’s five senses curriculum is structured for newborn to Pre-K children, but could be modified to work for any age. The lessons incorporated throughout the learning path, will have the children exploring the world from various angles. It is imperative for our children to get the best education and care, which is why we offer a variety of life skills to our students as well. For example, dining etiquette, money management, and personal hygiene just to name a few skills we offer. 

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